Akpo B2C

AkpoWho One of the largest domestic manufacturers of cooker hoods.
Why No internet presence.
What Easy to access web catalog of products.


Ceresit – project Visage B2C

Ceresit VisageWho Henkel brand specialised in chemical products for construction workers.
Why Large contest for young architects needed system for aquiring competition entries.
What Simple to use website with system allowing to recieve large files.

CorePR Internal

CorePRWho PR agency focused on NewConnect market.
Why Everyday work was impossible to control or improve.
What CRM system which allowed teams to improve quality of work.

Fashion MICE B2B

Fashion MICEWho Exclusive event company for most demanding clients.
Why Website showing it’s own character.
What Elegant and functional website keeping focus on the content.

Life in the tropics Blog

lifeWho Marek Lenarcik is an expat, traveller and writer.
Why Marek’s blog was simple but withouth personal feeling.
What Fresh layout with intresting new features.

LongWise Europe B2B

LongWise EuropeWho Representative of a large bike manufacturer.
Why Website which supports multpile languages focused on products.
What Internet catalogue of products rich in content.

Mark-Inst-Bud B2B

MIBWhoGround works company.
Why Limited internet presence with no actual portfolio of works.
What Simple to manage website which shows fields of work.

Modnalazienka B2C

ModnalazienkaWhen Large domestic shop needed an upgrade.
Why Fresh layout was needed.
What Antoher successful update.


NetgearWho Netgear is one of main manufacturers of network hardware.
Why PR campaign included competition with interesting prizes.
WhatWe created responsive website based on current company CI and shapes included in official documents.

Swiat Instrumentow B2C

Swiat InstrumentowWho Swiat Instrumentow is music instruments web store.
Why Client wanted standing out looks with great user experience.
What Store with uniqe graphics built according to owners needs.

TourMandalay B2B

TourMandalayWho Tour Mandalay is a travel organizer from Myanmar.
Why Company wanted to show it’s offer to travel agencies around the globe.
What We created clean, full of content website to satisfy our client needs.